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Where To Buy In Florida

There are so many reasons to move to Florida, it’s full to the brim with opportunity and endless excitement as well as relaxation. Each of its cities are unique due to the vast array of cultures that have settled on their shores since the first Spanish explorers stepped onto its sandy beaches. Whether you’re looking for the perfect place to retire or the ideal place to raise your family, Florida is an exceptional location and can cater to many different people.

Florida is abundant with job opportunities, some of the biggest employers being Walt Disney World, Royal Caribbean Cruises and Universal Studios. During your time off you’ll have endless recreational activities available like tanning on the beaches, watersports or having fun at one of the many theme parks. If you’re looking for a bit more relaxation, Florida has plenty of beautiful beachside bars and restaurants, relaxing spas and peaceful National Parks.

If you’re planning on moving to Florida, you may feel overwhelmed by the many great towns and cities to choose from. In this guide, we’ll discuss some of the best places to buy property across the Sunshine State.

Central Florida

Considered the theme park capital of the world, Central Florida boasts the vibrant city of Orlando as well as the gorgeous coastal cities of New Smyrna Beach and Edgewater. With a lower cost of living than the national average, you can see why Central Florida is so highly desirable.

Why move to Central Florida?

Central Florida is perfect for families, retirees and young couples alike. Orlando is a large city with a population of 294,000 and is listed as one of the best vegan cities in the US. With no shortage of jobs, Orlando and Daytona have great career opportunities and are home to big companies like Disney, Siemens as well as defence and aerospace industries.

You’ll also find great outdoor recreation alongside the eastern coastal cities of New Smyrna Beach and Edgewater. This area is home to great beaches, museums and hip antique markets in this part of Florida.

Brightline rail is constructing a new carbon-neutral rail line due to open in 2022 to connect Orlando to Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach. Daytona Beach has plans for a $25 million revitalisation project to transform the downtown riverfront. These areas of Florida are only getting better and are a great investment opportunity.

Property prices

If you’re considering buying property in one of these great locations, the prices range significantly depending on what you’re seeking. You’ll find delightful 2 or 3-bed properties for affordable prices, often with great amenities or large plots of land. The median property price in Orlando is $248,000, in New Smyrna Beach it is $278,000 and in Edgewater, it is $163,000.

In the centre of Orlando, you’ll likely find great 2-bed apartments and condos in resorts as well as gorgeous lakeside properties further away from the centre. The cost of living in Orlando is 2% lower than the national average and 3% lower than the state average.

Expat communities

You’ll find great expat communities all over Florida but particularly in Orlando. More than 14% of the population is foreign-born with a heavy representation of Latin Americans as well as Brits. Being just an hour from the retirement villages, Orlando is a highly sought after location for many retirees as well as families.

South East Florida

Right at the bottom of Florida, you’ll find great cities like Miami Beach, Doral and Sunny Isles Beach. Known for their beaches and as a great party definition, the South East of Florida draws in many tourists, and for good reason.

Why move to South East Florida?

Miami has a real international feel and is a melting pot of rich cultures. The Wynwood District, Little Haiti and Little Havana are great locations and the city's unmatched nightlife is the reason so many people are drawn to its beaches every year.

Property prices

Real estate in Miami, Doral and Sunny Isles is constantly on the rise due to its consistent tourist economy. Just 25 minutes from Miami, Doral is a great place to settle if you enjoy ocean sports and the median price of a home here is $362,000. Doral houses are much bigger and typically have 4 or more bedrooms, often in safe and friendly gated neighbourhoods.

In Miami, you’ll be looking at a median price of $425,000 but more affordable options are available for lower prices of around $150,000 if you’re on the hunt for 1-bed apartments or condos. Most Sunny Isles Beach properties have sea views, with an array of 1, 2 and 3-bed apartments overlooking the ocean.

Expat communities

If you’re looking for great expat communities in the city centre, South Beach is full of long sunny beaches, lively people and Art Deco style buildings. Bricknell is known as the Manhattan of Miami and is the financial centre, with an urban lifestyle and tall skyscrapers, perfect for those looking to pursue a career in finance.

The best family neighbourhoods in Miami include Coral Gables, Pinecrest and Coconut Grove with a relaxed vibe for people looking to escape the rush of the city. Pinecrest is the most popular among families due to its big park system and a high number of good private and public schools.

South West Florida

On the Gulf Coast of Florida, you’ll find great cities like Fort Myers, Tampa and Sarasota. There is a sprawling selection of gated communities in these areas too so it’s tough to go too far wrong with any area you choose in South West Florida.

Why move to South West Florida?

With advantages like warmer water, lower crime rates and low property prices, it’s no secret that South West Florida is a great choice. Fort Myers is well-known for its relaxed atmosphere and slow pace of life. A quarter of the city’s population is made up of retirees with a sizable population of younger families and couples that is growing every year.


Property prices

As coastal cities, Tampa, Fort Myers and Sarasota have varying house prices. The median house price in Tampa is $300,000 while properties along the seafront will cost you considerably more. Fort Myers is slightly cheaper with median house prices of $286,000 and Sarasota sits at $281,000. The cost of living in Fort Myers is 4% lower than the national average whereas Sarasota is 2% higher than the national average.

Expat communities

Expat hotspots in the Southwest include Tampa, St Petersburg and Clearwater, the latter two occupying a peninsula offering a metropolitan waterfront lifestyle. Sarasota is a popular second home destination - an art city that combines the working population with holidaymakers and boasts the desirable spots of Siesta Key and Longboat Key. Just across the estuary, Fort Myers has popular beaches and includes a protected natural park, you’ll also find another gem, Sanibel Island.

North East Florida

Even more beautiful coastlines, top-notch restaurants and coastal communities can be found in North East Florida. Closer to the rest of the US, North East Florida has plenty to offer. Jacksonville sits close to the Georgia border and is a world-class arts destination with a variety of wonderful neighbourhoods such as San Marco, Northside and St Johns.

Why move to North East Florida?

North Florida still allows you to enjoy great weather, stunning beaches and the cultural diversity of the state, while still having great proximity to other major cities in Georgia, Alabama and other cities in Florida. It has a great job market, plenty of family-friendly entertainment as well as nightlife, markets, theatre and dining. The huge array of outdoor activities, endless sunshine and affordable homes sees people moving to Jacksonville all the time.

Property prices

The median price of homes in Jacksonville is a reasonable $230,000 and the overall cost of living in the city is considered very affordable. As a dense suburban city with a high population, you pay considerably lower than average for your property. The excellent weather, beautiful coastline and diverse population are what draw people to Jacksonville.

Expat communities

Jacksonville attracts many expats and you’ll have your pick of 70 golf courses, 262 designated parks, art markets and gardens. If you love sports, Jacksonville is the place to be, it’s close to the PGA tour base, Ponte Vedra and home to the NFL team the Jacksonville Jaguars. Known as ‘The River City’, Jacksonville offers many opportunities for expats with job markets in financial services, health care and logistics and is home to several naval stations.

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