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Where to Buy in Qatar

Situated on the west coast of the Persian Gulf, Qatar is a small desert peninsula that perfectly balances tradition with modernity. Oozing with history and culture, it is a wonderful place to buy property, whether you’re new to the country or already a resident. It has a considerable expatriate community and English is widely spoken, both of which are certainly an added bonus for anyone thinking of switching their homeland for a Qatari lifestyle.

There are many things to consider when purchasing a property, whether you’re relocating entirely or looking for a second home. To help make the process a little easier, OfferPal has come up with this guide to buying property in Qatar. Keep reading to find out more about this popular part of the world and the many different regions of Qatar you could choose to call home.

About Qatar

Qatar’s long and rich history has borne countless traditions and practices that are still prevalent today, from a penchant for hand-woven products to the popular pastime of falconry. Despite this connection with its past, however, much of Qatar’s population is urban or coastal and daily life in the independent emirate is thoroughly modern, particularly in the capital city of Doha.

Qatar’s rulers have sought to enhance civil liberties and encourage tolerance, whilst still retaining their Islamic religious beliefs, making it one of the safest and freest countries in the Middle East. Perhaps this is why so many expatriates have made Qatar their home from home.

The country provides residents and visitors with a rich Arabian culture of archaeological sites, artefacts, and museums for them to immerse themselves in. Qatar also boasts 563km of stunning coastline which juts along the west coast of the Arabian Gulf. The country’s seafaring past plays a prominent part in the towns and cities dotted along its glistening coast and watersports are widely enjoyed by the more adventurous of residents and tourists alike.

As well as an incredible cultural and historical background, Qatar is also a key player in the business world. With one of the world’s largest reserves of petroleum and natural gas and large numbers of foreign workers, the country’s residents enjoy a high standard of living and an excellent, well-established system of social welfare and services.

Areas to consider

Qatar is a thriving country that’s home to a number of incredible cities, districts, and neighbourhoods. If you’re searching for your next home purchase or property for rent in Qatar, here are the best places to start.

The Pearl

Sitting on an island off the coast of West Bay, The Pearl is a manmade district located in the capital city of Doha with a population of approximately 27,000 people. It is one of the most popular locations for those looking to experience the most luxurious lifestyle that Qatar has to offer, having been hailed as ‘The Most Glamorous Address in the Middle East’. The Pearl is home to all sorts of delights, from high-end shopping spots and waterfront promenades and lavish residences.

The Pearl offers a range of properties to suit your lifestyle and space requirements, with villas, studios, apartments, and townhouses available. Its 12 unique districts also boast a variety of property styles so, whether you want a seafront villa, a modern high-rise apartment or a Mediterranean-style home, there’s sure to be something for everyone.

In terms of pricing, you’ll be able to buy a studio apartment in Porto Arabia from around 1,256,000 QAR (£254,303/€303,117) and a 1 bedroom TownHouse for approximately 1,996,000 QAR (£404,131/€481,704).

If you’re looking for more space, you could get a 3 bedroom apartment in the Qanat Quartier from around 2,490,000 QAR (£504,151/€600,924). A 3 bedroom TownHouse in the same district will set you back 5,100,000 QAR (£1,032,599/€1,230,808).

Al Waab

If you’re looking for a family-friendly neighbourhood in Qatar, Al Waab could be the perfect fit. Located roughly 10km away from Doha's city centre, Al Waab is a major residential project which consists of three different districts and is home to communities both small and large.

Nestled between Doha and Al Rayyan, Al Waab is a popular choice among foreign nationals and ex-pats. Its convenient location, easy transport links, and proximity to malls like Aspire Park and Villaggio Mall make it a top choice for families, too. The district has grown tremendously over the last few years and is currently one of the fastest developing areas in Qatar.

Properties in Al Waab include villas and apartments, which are either situated in modern compounds or are free-standing. The types of properties available and the atmosphere of the neighbourhood will vary depending on the district you choose.

The Northern District is home to a number of large and medium-sized family villas, which are tucked in among private neighbourhood gardens, playgrounds, walkways and so much more.

The Central District has been hailed as the vibrant hub of the Al Waab project, with a range of lifestyle and entertainment venues dotted in between the many homes and parks. For those wanting a unique urban village experience, the Central District is the place to be.

If business interests you, the Southern District might be the one for you. This district celebrates enterprise and aims to combine commercial, residential and even retail elements - it is on track to be a real game-changer for Al Waab.

West Bay

The newest development in the Doha area, West Bay offers many modern, exclusive properties both to buy and rent. If you’re looking for a luxurious place to call home, this is certainly somewhere to consider. You could get a 1 bedroom apartment in this modern district from around 1,400,000 QAR (£283,458/€337,869), while at the other end of the property market a 4 bedroom duplex could set you back 18,166,000 QAR (£3,678,079/€4,384,089).

West Bay is a prominent business district and is home to some of the tallest buildings Qatar has to offer, including the renowned Tornado Tower. The district has recently undergone rapid development to become one of the most prominent parts of Qatar and is on track to become the country’s most innovative and smart district.

If impressive skylines and excellent shopping malls are of interest to you, this thriving waterfront district will not disappoint. With its impressive skyscrapers, modern buildings, and five-star residences, West Bay offers all the trappings of an upscale, cosmopolitan lifestyle. With everything from cafes, restaurants and shopping malls to international schools, hospitals and sports clubs, West Bay really has something for everyone.

West Bay is also home to the stunning West Bay Lagoon, an affluent gated community that boasts stylish waterfront villas, green parks, and a variety of retail and hospitality venues. Its vast array of restaurants, convenient location, and serene atmosphere makes West Bay Lagoon an ideal place to purchase a property.

Lusail City

At the very heart of Doha, Lusail is described as a model for the city of the future. For people who are excited by innovation, creativity, ideas and growth, this forward-thinking part of Qatar could be a perfect choice.

Lusail City spans an area of 38 square kilometres and comprises four exclusive islands and 19 multi-purpose residential, mixed-use, entertainment and commercial districts. Home to 22 excellently rated hotels and properties to rent and buy, Lusail offers endless opportunities for hospitality, tourism, and investment.

Each of Lusail’s districts features an array of residential, commercial, hospitality, and retail destinations, integrating communal living in a self-contained model, complete with schools, mosques, medical facilities, as well as sports, entertainment and shopping centres.

Lush greenery and pocket parks line the streets of Lusail City, throughout both the commercial and residential areas, thanks in part to the district’s commitment to sustainable living. Lusail is also home to two major park networks, the Crescent Park and the Wadi Park, which provide ample space for walkways, sports fields and bicycle lanes, as well as open access to the marina’s many promenades and glistening waters.

You could get a 1 bedroom apartment in this incredible area for around 1,259,500 QAR (£255,011/€303,961), while a 5 bedroom townhouse is likely to cost somewhere in the region of 5,900,000 QAR (£1,194,576/€1,423,875). There are also medium-sized properties available, most likely priced somewhere in between these two figures.

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