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Where To Buy In Sharjah

The city of Sharjah is a city known for its culture, often regarded as being the cultural capital of the United Arab Emirates. It’s had a surge in popularity in recent years in terms of property, with many new developments cropping up for expats to move to and great property prices. You’ll find a great mix of property types, from luxury apartments in high-rise buildings to spacious villas just outside the busy city.

But are you not sure why and where you should buy in Sharjah? Read on for this helpful guide from Offerpal on the different areas of Sharjah to buy.

Why Choose Sharjah?

The Emirate of Sharjah has a rich history that dates back around 120,000 years, with archaeological finds of artefacts dating back to the Copper and Iron Age. The city of Sharjah’s history is about 5000 years old, often thought to be one of the wealthiest towns in the region as it developed over the centuries, with one of the key exports being pearls.

It is the third-largest city in the United Arab Emirates behind Dubai and Abu Dhabi, with a population of over 800,000 people. Due to its close proximity to Dubai, it has become a great choice for people who want to experience the quieter side of life in the UAE but still be close enough to the capital.

Sharjah has previously been named Cultural Capital of the Arab World by UNESCO and Islamic Cultural Capital by ISESCO. This is due to the high number of museums and historic buildings. It expresses its rich history and influence of Islamic culture through music, attire, cuisine and architecture. It also boasts quite a unique Russian culture with an influx of Russian expats and the only Russian Orthodox Church in the United Arab Emirates.

If you want to move somewhere with great weather guaranteed, Sharjah is a great choice. It has average highs of 42.2 degrees celsius in July, and 24 degrees in the coldest month of January. There is very light rainfall, which only occurs briefly in the winter months.

There is plenty to do in Sharjah, with a range of malls, restaurants and other leisure facilities to keep you occupied. Highlights are the Sharjah Wanderers Sports Club, where you can play cricket, football, golf and more.

To get to Sharjah, you can either fly to Sharjah International Airport directly from a variety of destinations in Europe, Africa and Asia. If you’re coming from further away, Dubai International Airport is only a short drive away from Sharjah, where you can hop on a flight to many destinations around the world.

Be careful of decency laws when moving to Sharjah, like the sale or consumption of alcohol is prohibited without possession of an alcohol license, only available in bars, clubs and drinking in your home. You must also ensure you dress modestly, ensuring you respect the culture.

What Areas Should I Look At

Despite its relatively small area compared to larger nearby cities, there are still plenty of different areas to look into when buying property in Sharjah. In 2014, laws were passed that lets anyone buy real estate property in Sharjah as long as they had a valid residency visa. These laws still restricted purchases to specific areas, but these areas have been growing every year in size and number of properties.

So here are a few areas that you might be interested in buying in.

Al Majaz

Al Majaz offers amazing apartments overlooking the Khalid Lagoon, making it the most popular area in Sharjah to buy and branding itself as the city centre of Sharjah. It has been described as a peaceful place to live, far enough away from commercial areas to offer family-friendly living with plenty of outdoor space.

The development is a tourism project with a great selection of shops, offices and apartments available to rent or buy. Apartments are available in a range of low, mid and high-rise buildings, with a 1-bed apartment costing around 330,000 AED and a 4-bed costing 1.6M AED.

Al Taawun

Al Taawun is a great place to live if you love the quiet nature of Sharjah but still miss the bustling metropolis of Dubai. It’s located along the curve of Khalid Lagoon and Al Mamzar Lake, offering unparalleled views from luxurious waterfront apartments. It’s a great place to live if you want quick access to the most populous city in the UAE, due to its location right on the Dubai-Sharjah border. It’s great for affordable and family-friendly properties, offering a small and self-contained community to grow up in with plenty of parks, nurseries and schools on offer.

The properties available in Al Taawun are mostly apartments in mid and high-rise towers. Most of these towers also have amenities on the ground floor, such as shops, salons and supermarkets. You’ll also have access to community facilities such as swimming pools, fitness clubs and optional parking. 1-Bed apartments will cost about 500,000 AED with a 4-bed costing 1.5M AED. Properties with a sea view usually cost more than those without.

Al Rahmaniya

Al Rahmaniya is a community of family-friendly villas based near a variety of great activities, such as the Sharjah Equestrian & Racing Club. It is the most popular area for buying villas in Sharjah, offering enough space to live peacefully while having easy access to the commercial districts in the city if needed. Each home comes with assigned parking spots to help keep streets clear. There are plenty of amenities nearby, such as supermarkets, mosques, hospitals, schools and more.

The villas and townhouses in Al Rahmaniya are between 3-7 beds, with spacious bedrooms, a maid’s room and amazing facilities like the kitchen and laundry room. A 3-bed villa will cost around 1.3M AED with a 6-bed costing around 3.5M AED.

Tilal City

Tilal City is the first-ever master-planned community coming in at a staggering 23 million square foot. It is essentially a new city, complete with a mall, parks, education and community facilities, designed for conductive and prosperous living. Combined with 48% of the area designated for open spaces, it is an amazing new residential opportunity. It is conveniently located between Sharjah and near to Dubai, offering residents easy access to both cities.

Prices vary based on your location in the city with eight different residential sections, each with its unique style and structure, including neo-classical, traditional Arab, post-modern and contemporary architecture. There are both apartments and villas available.

It should be noted that while some property is already built, land is still available for developers to buy and then build on. Tilal City offers a unique opportunity for investors who are interested in building a home of their own. The plots of land vary between 499,000 AED and 1.8 AED.


Aljada is a great location that offers luxury living at affordable prices. It’s located nearby the Sharjah Airport and University City, meaning there is great access to travel and education for residents. There are also plenty of amenities especially constructed for the area, including a library, clinics, schools, mosques, sports facilities and more.

The community is yet to be finished, so there are always new accommodation options available as the development moves forwards. It is the perfect self-contained community that combines work, entertainment, recreation and retail.

There is a great collection of apartments, villas and townhouses in Aljada, meaning there's something for everyone in the area. Studio apartments start at around 230,000 AED, while a 3-bed apartment can cost up to 1.2M AED. If you’re looking for a villa, prices will start from 1.2M AED.

Al Mamsha

Al Mamsha is another new development that is great for expats, combining modern living with contemporary experiences. There is a selection of great amenities available at the development, including pools, gyms, health club facilities, schools and retail outlets.

The area has luxury apartments of between 1-3 bedrooms, with some of the larger properties available having gardens and private terraces. A studio apartment can cost you around 330,000 AED while a 2-bed luxury apartment can cost 740,000 AED. This makes the housing in this area very affordable if you’re looking for a luxurious place to live in an urban development.

How Offerpal Can Help You

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