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How it

OfferPal makes it simple to sell your home for the highest price in the shortest time.
It’s quick, easy and completely free. Here’s how...

Step 1:
Enter Your Postcode

Enter your postcode to find your home. Simply enter the property type, number of bedrooms, and how fast you would like to sell.
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Step 2:
Instant Valuation

OfferPal uses online data to get a valuation estimate of your property. It takes less than 30 seconds.
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Step 3:
Compare the best ways to sell

Whether that's with an estate agent, auction or fast cash sale, we highlight the benefits of each so you can see which is right for you.
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Step 4:
Select the best option

Once you've chosen the best option we'll arrange for the process to begin, whichever route you've chosen.
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Step 5:
Ongoing support until SOLD

We'll continue to be onhand and support you throughout the process until your home is finally sold.

If, for whatever reason, things aren't moving as quickly as you need we're always here to help you reassess as an independent source of advice.
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Trustpilot excellent

Offerpal is rated as excellent on Trustpilot

So easy to get offers
Very useful. Simple to use and saves time from having to contact different buyers to go through the same information each time
Anthony D
Great for selling in a hurry
The instant valuation was pretty cool and they got straight to the point about what I would be able to get from buyers.
Linda Croft
Really helpful website
Darren was fantastic in explaining the different options and what might work for us.
Giles Scott
Great site
Literally such a helpful website, saved me so much time. Thanks OfferPal!
Jess O
Makes it easy
If you need a simple way to see what you could get for your house these guys will help you out.
Rajesh Khana

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