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OfferPal makes it simple to sell your home fast.
It’s quick, easy and completely free to get cash offers for your home. Here’s how...

Step 1:
Enter Your Postcode

Enter your postcode to find your home. Simply enter the property type, number of bedrooms, and how fast you would like to sell.
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Step 2:
Find Cash Buyers

OfferPal will find cash buyers looking to buy properties in your area. Provide a few more details about your property to get the best offers.
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Step 3:
Compare Cash Offers

Cash buyers will make cash offers for your house. You can easily compare offers from a range of genuine home buying companies.
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Step 4:
Select best offer

Choose the best initial offer that suits your requirements. Your selected cash buyer will make a formal offer.
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Step 5:
Agree sale

Your buyer will work quickly to exchange contracts and finally completion. They will handle all aspects of the process at no cost to you.
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So easy to get offers
Very useful. Simple to use and saves time from having to contact different buyers to go through the same information each time
Anthony D
Great for selling in a hurry
Super helpful website for comparing cash deals for when you want to sell your property in a hurry!
Tristan A
Really helpful website
Really helpful website for comparing cash deals when you want to sell your house fast. Would highly recommend!
Jack G
Great site
Literally such a helpful website, saved me so much time. Thanks OfferPal!
Jess O
Makes it easy
Really quick and easy process to get cash offers. Great people to deal with to explain my options as well.
Victoria D

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