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Offerpal receives enquiries on a daily basis from home sellers around the country looking for their optimum route to sell.

For some individuals, a cash sale is preferred, for which they are willing to take a discount on the market value of their property in order to sell quickly.

To provide increased value for home sellers, giving them more options, we have created a network of buyers who can view and, if suitable, purchase these properties in order to resell or let.

Who can join the Offerpal network of buyers?

We work with any buyers who have funds to buy now, can complete quickly and are looking for the potential of strong returns

Property investors
We have a steady stream of seller enquiries throughout the country providing you with a high volume of opportunities to select from.

Private buyers
You might be looking to achieve the maximum value for the funds you have available, try your hand at property development or invest for the future. No matter what you’re looking for Offerpal have daily opportunities you can take action on.

How do I join?

Fill in the contact form with a few details and we’ll review your application and, if you meet our criteria of funds availability, we’ll approve you.

You’re then free to use our service.

How does the service work?
We’ll regularly send you a list of properties that match the criteria you give us. If you like the look of one you can make a bid.

Example of offers accepted how far under market value

Barrow in Furness, 2 bed terrace bought by a cash buyer for £55,000. Sold on at £64,000 within 90 days. No work required

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