How much will I get for my home?

If you are looking to sell your home fast, what price can you expect to get for your home?

Selling your house to a cash buyer company is the only way to guarantee a sale.

  • Cash buying companies typically pay between 75% to 85% of market value
  • The fastest way to sell your house
  • No agent fees to pay
  • Legal fees are usually covered by the company buying
  • Typical completion times are 3 to 4 weeks but can be as quick as 7 days (some companies can complete even quicker if required)

More on cash buyer companies

For cash buyer businesses, it is impossible for them to pay full market value for your home. However, reputable companies are uniquely placed to guarantee a sale by the date you need. We only use cash buyer companies that have a proven track record with thousands of house purchases and satisfied customers. The benefits of their service have made it worthwhile for homeowners to accept a discounted sale price.

How much do property buying companies pay?

For homeowners who need a quick or guaranteed sale, cash buyer companies offer a convenient alternative to estate agents. A cash home buyer pays below market value for a property - in return for a no-risk, guaranteed sale. Importantly, you will always be in control of timescales for completion.

Typically, cash buyers will pay up to 75% to 85% of full market value. The discount applied will usually differ from property to property and assessed on an individual basis. A reputable cash buyer will always offer the highest amount via OfferPal so they can secure the business over the competition.

Companies claiming to offer full market value (or close to it) are not genuine buyers. They will usually be a lead generation company for an estate agent or a broker.

The quick house sale market is not yet regulated and with so many companies claiming to be genuine cash buying companies, it can be difficult and time consuming to make the right choice. Using will help you make the right choice.

Why do cash buying companies buy at a discount?

The business model is simple: buy properties at a discounted price and then sell on the market at full value. This model is aimed at sellers who require a quick, guaranteed sale and for this type of customer works very well. It doesn’t work for sellers who are expecting full market value.

Cash buyers do not charge fees for the service they provide - their profit is made on the resale of the property. In order to buy at a sensible price, a genuine home buying company will need to take into account their costs:

  • Stamp Duty — property buyers pay an additional 3% stamp duty on top of the normal rates. For a property worth £240,000, stamp duty of £9,500 has to be paid by the company rather than the normal £2,300 that would be due.
  • Legal Fees — all legal fees for both parties like conveyancing will usually be covered by a genuine house buying business.
  • Cost of Ownership — all costs relating to owning the property will be covered after completion including council tax, bills, and insurance
  • Renovation Costs — any building or maintenance work that is required for resale will be covered by the cash buyer

At OfferPal our mission is to find you the best offers for your property from a wide range of house buying companies

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with transparency on the prices paid by property buyers:

  1. Fair price — a discounted price based on a sensible valuation
  2. Timescales — you set the completion date to suit your requirements
  3. Certainty — verified and financially secure home buying companies

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