How to find a genuine cash buying company

The OfferPal selection process for cash buying companies

At OfferPal, our mission is to find sellers looking to sell fast the best possible offers.

We work with only genuine, reputable cash buyer companies in the UK to provide the offers for your property.

To help you compare with confidence, each of the cash buyers on the OfferPal platform will have:

Proven track record: Buyers must have been actively trading for at least 5 years in direct property purchasing.

*Seller tip: Beware of websites claiming to be genuine cash buyers. Many are lead generation websites that will sell your data onto third parties. You will only find genuine, direct purchase cash buyer companies on OfferPal

Fair offer policy: Based on the information provided they will endeavour to provide a fair and accurate initial offer.

*Seller tip: To help receive an initial offer that will be as close as possible to your actual sale price - provide as much information as accurately as you can about your property. Any missing details will be picked up in subsequent checks by the buyer and the price may be adjusted in your formal offer

Risk free offers: All offers from buyers will be 100% free and with no obligation. You will not need to sign any paperwork to receive offers.

*Seller tip: Avoid companies insisting you sign any contract or document which could potentially lock you into an agreement for them to sell your property rather than buy it.

Code of conduct: Cash buyers are members of the Property Ombudsman and the National Association of Property Buyers.

*Seller tip: Avoid companies claiming they are government approved. The industry is not currently regulated.

Tried and tested — All buyers have genuine reviews on trusted third party review websites like Trustpilot,, Feefo and Google.

Cash ready — Companies must have funds available to purchase your property directly and quickly

*Seller tip: With any cash buyer, you should be able to see proof of funds available to purchase your property.

Good industry reputation — Buyers should have a good reputation within the industry for ethical and fair business practices

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